Forum: vegan_1.15-0 in CRAN

Posted by: Jari Oksanen
Date: 2008-09-30 22:35
Summary: vegan_1.15-0 in CRAN
Project: vegan - Community Ecology Package


New vegan version 1.15-0 was submitted to CRAN on Spetember 30, 2008. This is major version upgrade that includes most of the new R-Forge features.

The most important new features are:

- model building and significance tests were improved in cca/rda/capscale. You can now invoke permutation tests in step(). Permutation tests were also improved and made more robust. The default permutation model is now "reduced".

- new functions for cluttered ordination plots: ordilabel uses opaque background so that uppermost text is readable, and ordipointlabel tries to locate text labels for fixed points to avoid overwriting.

- new permutation routines for general count data in addition to the Null models of presence/absence data (permatfull, permatswap).

- Functions for estimating diversity from dendrogram heights like suggested for functional diversity by Petchey & Gaston (treedive and treeheight).

- Tsallis diversity as an alternative to Renyi diversity family (tsallis).

- Weighted metric scaling a.k.a. weighted principal coordinates analysis (wcmdscale)

- swap and quasiswap routines of commsimulator were written in C and are much faster.

- oecosimu handles vectors of statististics, allowing analysis of site statistics from Null models.

- permuted.index2 or the new permutation routines can no permute strata.

- specaccum handles empty species having only zero values.

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