Forum: analogue 0.5-2 uploaded to CRAN

Posted by: Gavin Simpson
Date: 2008-05-13 06:59
Summary: analogue 0.5-2 uploaded to CRAN
Project: analogue - quantitative palaeoecology


A new version of analogue (0.5-2) has been uploaded to CRAN. This version includes fixes one serious bug:

* wa: classical deshrinking did not work, but returned the original 'env' variable.

A few additional features are also included in this release:

* wa: implemented deshrink = "none".
* wa: deshrink = "expanded" is now public and user-callable.
* join: now checks for inherits(foo, "data.frame") to confirm if all objects to join are (or inherit from) data frames. This allows join to work on objects of class "join" when 'split = FALSE' is used.

This version should be on your favourite CRAN mirror in the next few days.


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