Forum: distr release 2.7

Posted by: Peter Ruckdeschel
Date: 2018-08-20 07:25
Summary: distr release 2.7
Project: distr - S4 classes for distributions


Updates for the packages of the distr family are now avaialable on CRAN in
version >= 2.7.0.

The most important changes are:
- we switch from SweaveListingUtils (no longer maintained as announced
prior to 2015) to knitr in vignettes
- graphics (plot-methods) are now more stringently vectorized in their arguments
- internally, we use accessor q.l instead of q for the quantiles which
makes our packages available for use with Jupyter IRKernel and easier
with RStudio (both catch calls to q() and treat them differently to
standard R)

For details please see the NEWS files in the packages, available as

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