Forum: sampleSelection 1.0 released

Posted by: Arne Henningsen
Date: 2014-07-01 06:15
Summary: sampleSelection 1.0 released
Project: sampleSelection: Limited Dependent Vari.


The recently released version of the sampleSelection package has the version number 1.0, because we consider the package now to be mature and feature-complete. Compared to version 0.6 of the sampleSelection package (which is described in an article in the Journal of Statistical Software [1]), the new version has, for instance, following new features:

* estimation of binary-outcome selection models

* probit models, tobit-2 models, and binary-outcome selection models can now be estimated with observation-specific weights

* predict() methods for calculating unconditional and conditional expectations

* improved/extended residuals() methods

* logLik() methods

* nobs() and nObs() methods

* default df.residual() method works

* removed the deprecated function tobit2()

Any kind of feedback is--as always--very welcome!

Best regards,
Ott and Arne


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