Forum: vegan 1.17-5 released

Posted by: Jari Oksanen
Date: 2010-12-20 16:51
Summary: vegan 1.17-5 released
Project: vegan - Community Ecology Package


New version of vegan is now available through CRAN.

This version has new function ordiR2step() for automatic model selection n rda() and capscale() based on adjusted R2 following the recommendations of Blanchet, Legendre & Borcard (Ecology 89, 2623-2632; 2008). Two functions are nearly completely rewritten: nestednodf() by Gustavo Carvalho and prc() by Cajo ter Braak.

The printed output of constrained ordination was changed and now also shows the proportions of inertia due to different components. Handling of negative eigenvalues in capscale() and wcmdscale() was changed and now accords cmdscale() in R 2.12.1 (where this was changed).

There are more improvements and new functionality in procrustes() which got a predict() method, eigenvals() which knows more objects and handles negative eigenvalues consistently with other functions, ordilabel() that got new arguments, rankindex() than can handle other dissimilarity functions than vegdist((). The scaling of rda() and capscale() is now more flexible, and there are small improvements in treedist(), treedive() and wcmdscale().

There are small bug fixes in anova.cca(..., by = "axis"), betadisper, capscale, mantel.correlog, oecosimu, ordistep, procrustes, swan and vif.cca.

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