Forum: vegan 1.15-4 in CRAN

Posted by: Jari Oksanen
Date: 2009-09-09 09:26
Summary: vegan 1.15-4 in CRAN
Project: vegan - Community Ecology Package


New version of vegan was released on 7 Sep 2009. This version narrows (but does not close) the gap between R-Forge version and CRAN releases. The NEWS file in the package contains more detailed information.

Some new functions in the package are
- indpower: the indicator power of species in beals() prediction.
- mantel.correlog for multivariate Mantel correlograms.
- poolaccum and estaccumR: accumulation models for extrapolated species richness.
- radlattice: lattice graphics of alternative species abundance models.
- rrarefy: generation of randomly rarefied communities.
- RsquareAdj: adjusted R-squared for ordination methods and some standard statistical functions.

Some new features in old functions include:
- capscale has fitted() method and can predict() distances.
- metaMDS accepts user-supplied dissimilarities (user request)
- ordiellipse and ordihull return data on plotted structures, and they have a summary() method to find the centres of areas of plotted ellipses or polygons. Moreover, they can now label the ellipses or polygons.
- ordixyplot has new panel function for plotting arrows.

In addition there are some small bug fixes.

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