Forum: R-Forge New Year Update

Posted by: Stefan Theussl
Date: 2009-01-12 18:15
Summary: R-Forge New Year Update
Project: R-Forge Site Admin


The R-Forge Development and Administration Team wishes the whole R community a happy new year. The first update in 2009 includes:
- a new documentation section on the home page,
- a link on the home page to a short introduction to the R-Forge system. The title of this paper is "Collaborative Software Development Using R-Forge".
- R-devel package checking for all platforms (Mac OSX coming soon). Furthermore experimental R-devel binaries for Windows are available. Take care!

Furthermore, RForgeTools have been updated to version 0.3-1 which delivers,
- a new field "Revision" in the PACKAGES file in all R-Forge contrib directories. You can use e.g. the command available.packages(contriburl = contrib.url(""), fields = "Revision") directly in R to additionally retrieve the SVN revision of the packages on R-Forge,
- an improved build/check system (support of R-devel),
- and a revision-based package building system leading to faster availability of package binaries.


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